Are you interested in creating a promotional clip for our festival?
We are looking for those moments that reveal how the world is already changing with COVID-19.
We are also looking for already existing clips on topics related to corona (up to 45 sec. – exceptions are possible).
You've already made a clip? Please send it to:
Established as well as new filmmakers are welcome!

Promotion Campaign 1
From 1 November 2020 until 31 March 2021
Clip content: a story of your own to invitate filmmakers
to submit a film
Promotion Campaign 2
From 1 April until 30 July 2021
Clip content: funny or inviting clip to the general public
to watch the films and vote

Each clip will feature your name as the filmmaker alongside our festival partners' and sponsors' logos. All clips will be published on all relevant social media channels over a period of several months in cooperation with the MUNICH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and many international and national partners of the UNIFIED FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL.

Prizes will be awarded for the three most viewed clips – more info available soon. You will participate on an equal basis in any profit the clip generates until the end of 2021. Any profit will be shared by 100% less a handling fee of € 100.

This is a great opportunity for any filmmaker not only to promote our festival, but to showcase individual work to a wide audience.

In just four simple steps you can become part of our high-impact marketing campaigns that will go viral across the globe:
1Pitch your idea (related to corona) on one page or less. You are free to choose any genre, just be entertaining. Please send an email to

2Shoot and edit your clip. Its length should not exceed 45 seconds. (We will accept longer clips in exceptional cases.)

3Choose music and sounds from our partner Extreme Music's vast library - completely free of charge! If you choose music from another source, make sure to have the rights for worldwide distribution.

4Send us the finished clip before 20 October 2020 for the first marketing campaign, or before 20 January 2021 for the second marketing campaign! By sending the clip, you transfer the exclusive rights of use to the Unified Filmmakers Festival for the duration of the festival.
Technical requirements: The story matters most to us, therefore any standard recording format is accepted. However, a minimum resolution of 1920x1080p is required. English subtitles are obligatory!

Also, please make yourself familiar with the legal regulations concerning "Shooting during Corona".
Sounds good?
We are looking forward to your ideas!

For more information or questions, please contact us directly via