Let's remember the moments together...

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our way of life and culture - and it presents us with unexpected challenges.
The movies we want to see:

Films about the time during the crisis

The time during this crisis will never be forgotten.

The moments together or alone, the "magical moments" on the balcony or the deserted streets, teaching the kids at home, the sudden change of consciousness that raises hopes for a better society. But also, the unbelievably tragic stories of relatives who could not say goodbye, or doctors who had to decide which patient to put on the ventilator, as well as the stories of the many people affected by the crisis, especially psychologically.

Films about the time after the crisis

This perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic is all about the visions of filmmakers for the time after the crisis.

How will the crisis change our lives? What will never be the same again, and what will we see with new eyes and do differently? How will the rapidly accelerated digitalisation influence our social interactions? Which wounds of our society will the corona pandemic reveal, and above all, what will we learn from it?

We have set the entry fees according to the gross domestic production map (click map to open)

Every genre is welcome and appreciated. However, commercials and musicals must follow strict guidelines:
Commercials: ONLY social commercials
Musicals: NO music videos (except narrative ballads)

We are looking forward to a wide variety of films.

2 categories: under 2 min. and 2-15 min.

The Unified Filmmakers jury will select the best films for the festival, screened on our website ( as well as a larger selection of films.

Each category will be awarded with an Audience Prize and a Jury Prize.
Technical requirements: It must be possible to show the films on a screen in appropriate quality, regardless of the format in which they were shot. English subtitles are obligatory!
Resolution: 1920x1080 (min. HD)